Industry 4.0, machine monitoring system.
Get LEAN. Improve OEE. Improve profits.

LEANworx Cloud

Machine monitoring on Industry 4.0.
Data goes from machine to IOT sensor to Cloud.
Zero IT infrastructure required in shop.

Industry 4.0 India.

What is LEANworx?

LEANworx is an Industry 4.0 based machine monitoring system that gives you 24/7 visibility into your shop floor, improves your OEE and profitability dramatically. It tracks your machines’ activities, reports them to you wherever you are, whenever you want, on your mobile phone, tab or PC. Can transfer data to/from your ERP.

Get going with Industry 4.0 in hours, at the cost of a cup of coffee per day per machine. For a variety of Industry 4.0 applications - production quantity and OEE monitoring, revenue loss and gain, consumables usage tracking, part traceability, logistics, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, purchase, quality.

Machine monitoring 24x7
  • Track production, quality, downtimes, OEE

  • View reports on web, wherever you are

  • Plug and play - get going in 1 hour

  • Completely Do-It-Yourself. No IT infra needed

  • Get Industry 4.0 enabled economically, fast

Increase shop floor profits
  • Reduces machine downtime

  • Reduces production costs

  • Reduces part rejections

  • Reduces breakdown

  • Improves return on investment


Instant Reports

Reports and trends of machine downtime, OEE, rejections, maintenance, consumables usage

Data Collection

Multiple options for connecting to machine - IIOT sensor to cloud, sensor to local LAN, via ethernet


SMS/Email alerts, for immediate action on urgent problems, to specific decision makers

Maintenance Tracking

MTTA, MTTR, MTBF, condition monitoring, alerts for predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance

Operator Interface

Easy interface for operator to enter downtime reason, setup change, rejections


Easy Do It Yourself configuration of users, shift timings, machines, parts, reports, alerts


Reports for various levels of personnel in an organization – top management, middle management, quality, planning, shop supervisors, operators.

  • Hourly production, individual cycle and load/unload times

  • OEE, A, P, Q

  • Machine downtimes

  • Revenue loss due to downtimes, rejections

  • Downtimes reasons Pareto

  • Trends of OEE, downtimes, rejections, revenue loss

  • Consumables usage quantity and cost

  • Part traceability

  • Maintenance incidences, MTTA, MTTR, MTBF

  • Schedule automatic emails of reports


You get SMS and email alerts on abnormal conditions. Some examples:

  • Production target shortfall

  • Rejections too high

  • Abnormal machine downtime

  • Abnormal cycle time

  • Operator absent

  • Setup change

You can specify which mobile numbers and email IDs get the alerts.

Data Capture

IOT sensor, data on Cloud server
Sensor connected to machine collects data, sends it via IIOT to the Cloud, where LEANworx software collects the data, analyzes it and shows you reports. Requires NO local IT infrastructure, no maintenance, no reconnection when a machine is shifted. Enables Industry 4.0 in hours.

LAN sensor, data on Cloud or local server
Sensor connected to machine collects data, sends it to LEANworx software on the Cloud or local server. Works on wired or wireless LAN.

Machine ethernet port, data on Cloud or local server
LEANworx software collects data through ethernet port, sends it to Cloud or local server. Works on wired or wireless LAN. For CNC machine monitoring or machine monitoring through MTConnect, Fanuc Focas, Siemens OPC, etc.

Get any Machine Industry 4.0 enabled

Machine monitoring for any machine:
Get any machine Industry 4.0 enabled - Robots, CNCs, SPMs, Electro-mechanical, Mechanical, Manual. All LEANwoks needs is simple digital signals. If the machine does not already have  signals, you can retrofit it with switches or sensors that can give the signal.

Examples of processes that LEANworx can handle:
Metal cutting, Sheet metal forming, CNC machine monitoring, Foundry-mould making machines, Foundry-core shooters, Forging machines, Pressure die casting, Plastic injection moulding, Food processing, Pharma, Packaging.

Machine monitoring system now costs 
less than a cup of coffee.

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