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This blog has a bit of gyan on Industry 4.0, and a bit of Etc, interesting bits on things that I see, do or eat, in my home town of Bangalore or when I travel.
In my 5 decades on Earth, along with the bald head, the grey hair, paunch, and creaking joints, I’ve also acquired bits and pieces of manufacturing knowledge. The aim of this blog is to share this knowledge with others. I’m also hoping that this blog will serve as a welcome break when your brain is fatigued by the crises and urgent jobs at work, and you sit down at your desk for a chai.
The Industry 4.0 part is bits of gyan (a Hindi word originating from ‘gyana’, which means knowledge in Sanskrit). This is a multi-disciplinary field, and knowledge on it is not available conveniently packaged in handbooks. Acquiring knowledge is painless if it’s done in small bits, so I’ve packaged it into small doses here, one bit of gyan in each post, every week. There’s actually a term for this – Micro Learning. I however prefer to call it ‘drip learning’ (like drip irrigation), or ‘learning kaizen’.
There’s space for comments at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to comment on anything at all. This blog can remain alive and vibrant only with your interaction. The comment can be your reaction to something in the Etc, a correction of a technical mistake or a topic idea, or some extra gyan.
Hope you enjoy the blog.

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