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Each post in this blog has: 1. A bit of gyan (knowledge in Sanskrit) on Industry 4.0, specifically for MSMEs. 2. Some Etc (meaning Etcetera), which is interesting stuff that has nothing to do with work. Industry 4.0 is a multi-disciplinary field, and knowledge on it is not available conveniently packaged in handbooks. Acquiring knowledge is …

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Industry 4.0 technologies and components

Industry 4.0 technologies and key components – what are they ? The key Industry 4.0 technologies are these: Cyber physical system, IOT and Cloud computing. Cyber-physical system (CPS) in Industry 4.0: Basically, a machine that is controlled or monitored by a computer that is directly connected to the internet. Cyber means ‘involving, using or relating to …

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Formula for OEE calculation – problems, fixes

Formula for OEE calculation – diagnosing problems and fixing them The formula for OEE is simple, but the ingredients that go into the calculation for OEE decide whether you get a proper number. Availability = (Running time / Available time) Performance = (Real production / Theoretical production) Quality = (Good products / Real production) Formula …

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8 wastes of LEAN manufacturing – how to reduce

How the 8 wastes of LEAN manufacturing can be reduced with Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 can play a great role in reducing the 8 wastes of Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing, or LEAN, is the systematic elimination of waste (‘Muda’) within a manufacturing system. Lean manufacturing is derived from the Toyota Production System. To understand the wastes …

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Industry 4.0 implementation roadmap

Implementation roadmap for a painless takoff Industry 4.0 implementation involves deploying its two basic components: A machine monitoring system that collects data electronically from the machine, and stores it in a database (picture 1). Software that automates or improves various activities with the data stored in the database (picture 2). The database of machine activity …

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