Case studies of how LEANworx users have benefited

1. CAPEX reduction - no new machines purchased for 2 years. View PDF
Firm froze capital expenditure on new machines for 2 years, even though their orders were increasing by 15 % a year.

2. Downtime at shift change was eliminated. View PDF
Downtime in a shop was 1 hour (12.5 % of the total time) due to late starting at the shift start and early stopping at the shift end. This was completely eliminated after LEANworx was installed.

3. Firm reduced 3-shifts working to 2-shifts working. View PDF
How a firm made the same number of parts in 2 shifts, that they were making in 3 shifts earlier. This happened in 7 months.

4. OEE improvement of 23 % in 5 months.View PDF
How a firm improved its OEE dramatically in just a few months, painlessly.

5. Unknown production quantity is now known, accurately. View PDF
A firm had no idea of production quantities on their high speed machines. LEANworx now tells them exactly how many parts are made, every hour, every shift.

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