Dashboards for current data

Dashboard showing current production, part details, downtime, OEE, etc.Andon boards for large screen TV display on shop floor, with current and planned production, downtime, etc.

Reports of historical data

Different report for various levels of personnel in an organization. On browser – mobile phone, tab or laptop.

Alerts for immediate action

Processes and machines supported

Metal cutting: CNC turning centers, CNC machining centers, sheet metal presses,   forging presses                                                                                Metalforming: sheet metal presses, spring making machines, forging presses.      Foundry: Core shooter, mould making machine, pouring line, fettling, pressure die   casting.                                                                                                        Plastics: Injection moulding machine

Flexible data capture options

From machine relays or retrofitted sensors, over GSM. No IT infrastructure, no maintenance, no reconnection when a     machine is shifted. Enables Industry 4.0 in minutes. From machine’s ethernet port. Works with Siemens, Fanuc, Mazak, Haas, Mitsubishi, Okuma, etc. Supports Fanuc Focas, MTConnect, OPC/UA, Modbus.

Mobile phone app for operator

Shows planned and actual production, downtimes, rejections.Allows operator to enter downtime reason, rejections and rejection reasons.

Data Capture Technology
Over ethernet: Via multiple protocols - Fanuc FOCAS, OPC-UA, MTConnect, Brother, Mitsubishi, Modbus. Direct, zero IT: From relay signals, via IoT hardware.

Failsafe logic

Algorithms to handle process complexities and human errors - problems like multi-pallet machining, sub-1 second cycle times, operator entry mistakes. AI logic for data cleanup and user alerting.

SERVER types

Public cloud, Private cloud, On-premise enterprise

Cloud compatibility

Google, AWS, Microsoft Azure

External interfaces

Easy web APIs to link Leanworx with ERP, planning, maintenance, attendance systems.

Visualization and Reporting

Data compression algorithm for high speed reporting Alerts on Telegram AI algorithms for data cleansing and enrichment.



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