Production monitoring system improved OEE by 23%

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How LEANworx production monitoring system improved OEE in a firm by 23 % in just 5 months.

About the LEANworx user
Automobile parts manufacturer with 72 machines connected to LEANworx production monitoring system. Machines are CNC lathes, VMCs, HMCs, sand moulding machines, core shooters, fettling machines.

Before LEANworx
The OEE varied from 32 to 65 %, depending on the type of machine. CNC machines were the lowest.

After LEANworx
After LEANworx production monitoring system was installed, OEE improved by up to 23 % on some CNC machines, 15 % on foundry machines. Result: higher profits because of higher production quantities with the same number of machines, lower cost of production per part, lower rejections, reduced raw material cost.

How did the transformation happen ?
LEANworx production monitoring system provided the management a clear picture of downtime durations and reasons, and rejection quantities and reasons. On CNC machines there was drastic reduction in late starting and early stopping in the first month itself.

LEANworx production monitoring reports highlighted a number of problems. In the first couple of days it was found that the last 2 to 3 hours in the night shift showed zero production. This too resolved itself. Waiting for raw material was a common cause of downtime that as identified, focused upon and reduced. Rejections in a few CNC machines and in the mould making were high, and were reduced. Frequent breakdowns in some old CNC machines and in the air supply to core shooters were identified as key causes of reduction in availability.

LEANworx sent automatic alerts to personnel at various levels on their mobile phones – alerts for breakdowns, big downtimes, high rejections, etc. Immediate action was taken on such alerts.

Here are some of the reports in LEANworx production monitoring system that the firm used to achieve the transformation.

Firm and machine names have been changed to protect the identity of the firm.

OEE trend in LEANworx production monitoring system
OEE comparison between machines in LEANworx production monitoring system